West End Gate

West End Gate Hanwha Techwin CCTV Keri Systems NXT access control Comelit door entry Fibre IRS Cisco network Ubiquiti WiFi Sangoma VoIP Gym panic alarm
West End Gate: Westmark Tower

West End Gate is a new build project in Marylebone, West London. The project is phased with Westmark Tower and the infrastructure due to finish in 2021. Westmark tower contains 300 luxury apartments, a private cinema, pool, gym and spa.

Blakeglow Systems were approached to supply the Ethernet infrastructure for the entire development as well as to provide security systems and fibre based IRS to Westmark tower.

Blakeglow Systems were tasked with providing the following systems:

  • Visitor Door Entry: Comelit’s VIP system was selected for not only its market leading aesthetics but the resiliency of its peer-to-peer communications. Peer-to-peer systems are not server reliant and therefore any item in the system can fail and the rest of the system continue to work.
  • Residents Access Control: Keri Systems Mercury controllers were selected with Keri Systems Doors.Net software to oversee the running of it. Keri Systems 3r and 3re readers were selected for their sleek looks and 128 bit encryption. Doors.Net has no limitations on the size of system, number of users, access groups or time zones and is a true IP offering. Lift floor control was used across 3 lifts.
  • CCTV: Hanwha (Formerly known as Samsung) Camera‚Äôs and Network Video recorders were selected for their quality of image and low light performance. 360 degree cameras were used extensively within the building, complimented by conventional static domes were installed within and also outside. The cameras were professionally sprayed to Berkely Homes specified RAL colours thereby preserving the 5 year warrantee that Blakeglow Systems, as a STEP Silver partner, are able to offer. The cameras were presented to the professional security team using Hanwha’s Wisenet SSM Video Management System (VMS). The Gym staff required access to the Gym cameras and Blakeglow provided for this. The gym staff can only view live images of their cameras. The CCTV and firewalls are pre-configured for remote control of the system.
  • Ethernet Network Backbone: Cisco switches were selected for the 1000Mbps site wide network. Cisco switches are market leading both for features and reliability with a Mean Time to Fail of over 50 years. Fibre optics were used to interlink the various equipment rooms. The system was designed as a partial mesh in order to provide reliability at a reasonable cost. VLAN’s were provided for each system connected to the network. Watchguard security appliance’s were selected to protect the networks that needed internet access. At the bottom of each future riser a connection point into the Ethernet network was provided so that each block has simply to “plug-in” and the contractor will have full access to the various networks (VLAN’s). UPS were provided to take over in the event of a power cut.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers were installed throughout the car park, Blakeglow Systems provided the Ethernet connections, VLAN and internet to each unit.
  • The BMS system required links between buildings and Blakeglow Systems provided a VLAN and switchports for this.
  • The EMS system required links between buildings and Blakeglow Systems provided a VLAN and switchports for this.
  • A site-wide VLAN was provided for the management company’s IT systems with ports supplied through-out the management areas.
  • A Wi-Fi network was provided for residents and management use in various locations.
  • 3 separate internet connections were provided to us. We supplied 3 Watchguard security appliances with differing security suites as per the applications they were tasked with.
  • Blakeglow Systems were tasked with providing 18 locations with VoIP phones connected via an IPPBX to 6 traditional POTS telephone lines. A Sangoma Gateway, IPPBX and phones were used for this.
  • Blakeglow Systems provided a panic alarm system for the Gym that showed the location of the alarm on a map in 3 locations with audible warning and reset required.

Panic alarm system during commissioning: Green indicates OK, orange indicates the alarm has been manually masked
One of many communications racks at West End Gate