Integrated Reception Systems

Blakeglow Systems are Confederation of Aerial Systems(CAI) Plus members.

Blakeglow Systems install a variety of Satellite and Television Distribution systems dependent upon the client’s requirements.

These systems are:

  • Business systems
  • Terrestrial television distribution systems (MATV)
  • Satellite and terrestrial television distribution systems (SMATV) sometimes called integrated reception systems (IRS).
  • Fibre based IRS (FIRS)

Often in a modern apartment there is the requirement to distribute the signals to other rooms such as the bedrooms and Blakeglow Systems have a mini system control unit specifically for this.

All systems are designed to conform with BS EN 50083, BS EN 60728 the EMC regulations and the Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI) codes of practice.

Blakeglow Systems select professional products from companies such as Wisi, Ikusi, Spaun, Televes, and Fracarro.

Blakeglow Systems provide Satellite and TV aerial systems for housing estates, blocks of apartments, sports and leisure centers, shops and offices

Confederation of Aerial Industries Plus member
Confederation of Aerial Industries Plus