CCTV Control Equipment

Blakeglow Systems IP Closed Circuit Television Systems 

Control Equipment varies dependant upon the needs of each installation. 

Where active use of the equipment is anticipated, Blakeglow Systems can provide video walls and multiple control stations down to single PC based monitoring with mouse and keyboard for control.

Where CCTV equipment is not accessed unless an incident occurs Blakeglow Systems can provide secure remote access to the images so that a site visit is not necessary.

BLAKEGLOW SYSTEMS select professional products from companies such as Axis, Samsung, Hanwha, Milestone, Panasonic, and Altron.

CCTV network encoder

Encoders: Encoders convert traditional CCTV camera images into IP streams that can be recorded, and processed by modern technology. They come in various sizes from one input up to 16 inputs. They can be used when a system is to be upgraded over-time in order that older cameras can still be used.

CCTV joystick control station

Control Stations / Joysticks: Control stations can be used to select cameras, control where their image is displayed, and replay images. They are generally easier to control than using a keyboard and mouse.

CCTV Network Video Recorder NVR

NVR (Network Video Recorder): The NVR is the device that records the images. They are rated as up to xx number of cameras as it is dependant upon the image quality ( and the bandwidth that generates) as to how many can actually be connected. The have room for multiple Hard Disk Drives which can be flat, or in various RAID configurations.

CCTV video wall control room

Video Walls: For the larger installation video walls may be necessary in order to maximise value from your security employees. A video wall comprises of multiple monitors, and control stations so that any image from any system can be displayed in any location.