Cloud Based Access Control

Blakeglow Systems cloud based access control systems can control entry or exit by controlling door locks or vehicle barriers, roller shutters, motorised gates or rising kerbs.

Blakeglow Systems computer based systems can control traffic on single lane car park ramps to reduce the risk of two vehicles meeting.

The controlling device can be:

  • Digital tap out units with single or multiple codes and for single or multiple doors
  • Proximity readers where the token or card can be read close to the reader or some distance away
  • Radio fobs which can be integrated into a computer based access system
  • Biometric reader which may read the eye or a finger print
  • Number plate recognition
  • A mix of any of the above

Central control is from any compatible web browser with internet access
Blakeglow Systems have a full range of electrical locking devices suitable for all types of doors, gate and shutter.

Blakeglow Systems select professional products from companies such as Paxton, PAC, Keri, and TDSI.

Keri Systems Borealis cloud based access control
Web based access control