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Blakeglow Home networks

Blakeglow Home networks
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Create your own Home Network. Your computers can exchange information and share printers. You can play networked games between rooms and even with the neighbors over the Internet. Broadband delivery is an important factor to consider both now and in the future.
The future will bring Integrated Voice and Data services, Video conferencing, Video on demand and Central Digital Audio Servers.   The Infrastructure has the power to support Gigabit Speed applications as standard to make sure your home can support these and other services of the Future.


Blakeglow Systems home networks provide integration and interconnection of all the common home electronic devices and services through the Blakeglow Systems home network control unit

Basically the home is star wired from each room to the control unit.

Once wired satellite television, television, radio, music systems, computer network, telephone and broadband internet can be delivered to any room and changed as requirements or mood changes.  The easy colour coding of the cables in the control unit make it easy the understand and change the configuration which may be done by the user.



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